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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leadership Questionnaire

            The following is a questionnaire which may be use to describe your leadership behavior, each item describe a specific situation.
            Assuming that you are involved in each of the twenty situations. Read each item carefully. Think about on how you will respond in each of the circumstances. Then, click the letter of action you choose that you think would nearly describe your behavior in the situation presented. Check only one choice.
            Respond to the items in terms of the way you had think you will behave when you were with the situation similar to those described, or in terms of the way you had think, you would behave if you were with each of the situation described.
            It is important that you answer all the items and that you had answered each item carefully, frankly, and honestly as possible.
            The data gathered will be kept strictly; confidentially, rest assured your anonymity will be preserve.