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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


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What is Performance Appraisal?
          It is the observation and assessment of work performance against pre-determined job-related standards.

          It is a systematic evaluation of the employee with respect to his performance on the job and his potential development.
          It is a continuous process of feeding back subordinates information about how well they are doing their work for the organization

Section 33, Chapter 5, Book V,
 of Executive Order 292, requires that:   

“ There shall be established a performance evaluation system, which shall be administered in accordance with rules and regulations and standards promulgated by the Civil Service Commission for all officers and employees in the career service.”

CSC-MC No. 12, S. 1989 states that PASs shall be designed:
          to continuously foster the improvement of employees performance and efficiency
          to enhance organizational effectiveness and productivity
          To provide an objective performance rating as basis for personnel actions and administrative sanctions
DECS Order No. 101, s. 1990 established DECS-PAS with four subsystems:
          Key officials

          Administrative staff

Modification of Range of Adjective Range
          Outstanding – performance exceeding targets by 30% and above of the planned targets; from the previous definition of performance exceeding targets by at least 50%.
          Very Satisfactory – performance exceeding targets by 15% to 29% of the planned targets

Modification of Range of Adjective Range
          Satisfactory – performance of 100% to 114% of the planned targets.
          Unsatisfactory – performance of 51% to 99% of the planned targets.
          Poor – performance failing to meet the planned targets by 50% or below.

          How much was accomplished?
          How does that compare to what was expected?
          Did any circumstances beyond the employee’s control affect the quantity received- either positively or negatively?

          How good were the results?
          How does quality of work done compare to the quality expected?
          What relationship exists between quality and quantity?

          Was work completed on time? If not, why?
          Were there delays due to circumstances beyond the employee’s control?
          Or were they due to poor planning and management?

          Rater’s personal bias
                - This may be caused by prejudices regarding sex, religion, age, professional jealousy, favoritism, etc.   
          Tendency to be lenient or strict in assigning performance ratings
                - Raters may assign consistently low or high rating based on perception of standards of performance and interpretation of job behavior.
          Reluctance of rater’s to rate subordinates at the outer ends of the rating scale
                - average rating which is neither very low nor high is assigned.
          Halo effect or the tendency of raters to let rating assigned to one trait excessively influence rating on all subsequent traits.
          Recent performance, first impression on ratee, or past performance unduly influence evaluation and not the actual performance during certain period of time
          Organizational influence
                - if end-use performance is promotion/pay increase, ratings tend to be greater
                - If end-use of performance is for training raters concentrate more on ratee’s weaknesses.
Preparatory Activities Prior to Performance Appraisal System
          Evolve division/office work plan
          Discuss work plan with concerned staff/employees
          Prepare individual work plan by position level
          Monitor progress in work plan implementation including portfolio files
          At the end of the rating period individual PAS Form (Form B1 and B2)

Activities During the Performance Appraisal System
          Accomplishment of Forms B1 and B2 (self-rating by ratee)
          Rater-ratee discussion of self-rating
          Signing of “CONFORME” by ratee

Activities After the Performance Appraisal Completion
          Recommending approval by the immediate supervisor or rater
          Approval by the Head of Office.